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Obesity rates among children continue to rise

Great concern has been raised about the growing rate of obesity among children who are aged between 3 and 6 years. Statistics indicate that 9% of children who are aged between 5 and 6 years are victims of obesity. This has been a tragic rise as compared to the years before. The alarming rise in Obesity cases has been blamed on parents who do not maintain a close watch on the eating habits of their children. 

According to a study done by the World Health Organization, the 9% of children suffering from Obesity is equal to 2 children out of 30. Back in 1990, 1 child of 30 were obese. This is an indication that the rise in the number of children with obesity is indeed alarming. It is feared that the number of such victims will escalate even more if proper eating habits are not adopted.

The fact that 20 years have registered an increase in one child who have obesity has made obesity be regarded as an epidemic. With such a rise, it may come a time where the number will become unmanageable. In fact, there is a possibility of recording a case of obesity in every newborn child in the coming 70 years.

According to World Health Organization, the percentage of boys with obesity is higher than that of girls with the same. Back in 2003, the percentage of boys with Obesity stood at 25% while that of girls stood at 23%. In 2015, a slight rise in the percentages has been registered with boys still remaining under threat. In this regard, sources have confirmed that boys should be kept on watch more than girls, generally speaking. 

Sources have revealed that most health organization tend to put much of their focus on nutrition for obese children, forgetting the activity aspect of maintaining a healthy weight. Body activity is considered to be as or more vital than nutrition, and that is why health organizations must greatly emphasize it. Physical fitness should not be overlooked at all since it has a great role to play in ensuring proper health among obese children.

Another challenge that has seen the fight against obesity become more difficult is poor and confusing advice on diets. You will realize that such advice change each and every day. This is with regard to the changing types of food. Confusion on which food to eat is seen as an aggravating factor among obese children. This is why much of the emphasis in such cases is put on body activity.

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