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Work That Has Meaning Attached To It Promotes Productivity & Well Being

What are the reasons that makes a person get out of bed each day to go to work? Surely, some of it, is about making money to pay the bills. What is it that really gets one’s motor going? The answer lies in making meaningful activity and results. This is what Barry Schwartz, author of “Why We Work” says is very true. The good news is this. These key adjustments are something that can be made very easily in one’s life and happiness can surely be generated for free. Here’s how to make the magic happen.
Be engaging – This means what it means. If a person has hard and physical work such as that of a janitor, it is not something that has to be mind numbing. Take a look at the hospital custodian in Schwartz’s book. The janitor had a very long list of cleaning duties to perform each day. Nonetheless, this custodian put himself out there for patients and their families, something that indicated he went the extra mile. He chatted personally with both patients and their families. An action that mad them feel better. He offered them encouragement, and this is a priceless action.

“In the job description of hospital custodian. It doesn’t say that he had to interact with people at all. He chose to do this on his own and of his free will.” Schwartz did reveal. “What he did was to re-craft his job. He contributed to the mission that the hospital was on. This mission was to cure patients of disease and to bring them the best comfort while doing that.”

Permit workers to be in charge of themselves – The interpersonal skills that the hospital custodian developed was something he did on his own. This is something that took time to develop overall. Therefore, a workplace should allow employees the freedom to develop these wonderful kind of job skills, and a supervisor shouldn’t continue to constantly hover over their employees. This will only create uneasiness for workers.
“It takes a decent amount of training,” Schwartz stated. “An employee needs to know the limitations of their job. They also need to know how and when to talk to people. We all want to make others feel better. We just don’t want to say anything wrong. People can learn this for themselves without having a fear of getting into trouble for trying. It doesn’t matter if it is in their job description or not.”

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