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Poor Sleep May Ruin Your Skin

It is now apparent that having just six hours of sleep for a couple of nights will cause wrinkles on your face. While critics argue that amount of hours one sleeps has been affected by the world’s economic situation, there is still need for one to have sufficient sleep. The study was conducted by supermodel Jodie Kidd. According to the study that involved 30 women from Europe who included Jodie herself, the results were amazing. They were all left to sleep for eight hours after which their skins were examined. “What we are looking for are the number of wrinkles, red areas in the skin, pores and brown spots,” says one of the officials who conducted the study. The 30 women were then allowed to sleep for six hours for another 5 nights after which they were again examined. The revelation was shocking. They all had double of each sign that appeared in the previous examination and in some cases, new signs emerged on their skins especially the face. In fact, having several poor nights’ sleep can make you look older than you actually are.

Dr Guy Meadows, a leading sleep expert in the UK and the founder of The Sleep School, says, “When an individual sleeps, they give their body time to heal, eliminate some toxins from their skins and renew their vigor. When you don’t get enough sleep, you weaken your body’s ability to perform these important functions. These results have been revealed after just five days of six hours sleep each day while quite a number of people sleep for fewer hours many days, weeks, months or even years. These will have profound and long-term negative effects on your skin.”

Some renowned sleep experts share the same sentiments as Dr Meadows. One such expert is Dr Lancer a dermatologist from LA who says, “As one advances in age just insufficient sleep for a night will be witnessed on their face. There will be dullness, bags and sags. Insomnia is likely to make an individual look ten years older than they actually are thus “beauty sleep” a term that is common with sleep is not a mere word of expression.” Dr Lancer continues to stress that everyone will look better after having a good and sufficient night’s sleep. “When your body does not get a good deep sleep, the skin’s repair process that is vital will be slowed thus ageing,” In order to avert the effects of wrinkles in your skin, Jodie Kidd advises that one should have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep daily.

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